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This piece is a trooper’s solemn salute, jetblack, imposing, with sophisticated cold hard lines… made to match both in presence and iconography an evil general’s black robes and forbidding armor. This commanding piece is an almost literal translation of an iron fist. Destroy worlds and any rebels that come in your way.
The ultra high-gloss enamel dial finish gives an extra depth and dimension to the familiar starry expanse of Star Wars “opening crawl” night sky. The iconic Darth Vader helmet takes throne in the center among a formation of metallically applied “Death Stars”, making up the indices of the timepiece.
Corrosion resistant, lightweight and 3x tougher than steel, the diamond-like-carbon coated grade II titanium is no doubt on par with Vader’s space-age Durasteel armor. Much like the Sithlord’s unmistakable all-black attire, the muted colourway invite immediate appreciation of the clean chiseled lines and aggressive hard edges of the angular case; the overall hexagon-esque construction and the domed sapphire crystal lens converge into an ominous silhouette not dissimilar to the classic TIE-fighters piloted by the Imperial Forces... all powered by a NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism visible through the serialized glass caseback. The form-fitting curve of the lugs extend onto the tactical black rubber straps, complete with quick-release spring bar. Further note-worthy design considerations include the scratch resistant ceramic bezel insert, and the machine cut “pistol grip” crown- subtly reminiscent of pusher details found on the hilt of a lightsaber.


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