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This Martian winter, UNDONE revisits the timeless appeal of character watches and animated hands in a set of 2 premium collector’s pieces that are out of this world...and this time with a “humerus” twist! (Yes, that was in fact a bone joke.) Long shrouded in mystery, word has got out from the good folk of the ACME corporation that the rovers from its recent MARS EXPLORATION MISSION has returned with some interesting findings: There might be LIFE ON MARS afterall.

The latest Looney Tunes UNDONE collaboration, MARS MISSION: PLANET X-RAY brings you in full X-RAY, anatomical detail, 2 extra-terrestrial specimens freshly retrieved from our martian rockets: Marvin the Martian, Daffy Duck- serendipitously the 2 official mascots chosen to brave America’s early MARS EXPLORATION ROVER missions on Mars back in 2004.
The dial design of these themed automatic watches showcases a half anatomical x-ray and half-animated character body. UNDONE has once again brought together the timeless appeal of character watches and animated hands, encompassing a fleshy hour hand and a skeletal x-ray minute hand. 

Made for the discerning watch collector and the child within, this collection brings together our collective nostalgia for those carefree Saturday morning cartoon sessions growing up… as well as a sprinkle of Martian dust and wonder, for all you Space enthusiasts out there.

UNDONE and Looney Tunes Made Duck Dodgers

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