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he Undone Shunga: Meiji features a modern Shunga painting, while the Undone Shunga: Edo explores the ancient version. Both dials showcase nothing more than the upper bodies of a couple engaged in coitus. Turn the watch over for a full scene of the pair engaging in the act of coitus as well as a glimpse of the movement behind the patterned glass caseback.

The dials on both pieces are finished with “當世風俗通" (the Ukiyo custom of pleasure-seeking) at 12 o’clock and "春" (Spring) above the 30 seconds on the chronograph counter located at 9:00.

Having two very different colorways in the collection give you the choice to choose between beige with silver or navy with silver. Better yet, get the pair as a collectible.

undone-meiji LE

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