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Rev up your engines and get ready for a watch that provokes your senses. Debuting the Twin Turbo, loaded with technical and design bravado, made especially for the individual that carries a passion for the vintage.

With the well-grinded race tracks giving the nod to this timepiece, Twin Turbo’s striking design features its sculptured case design that resembles the sexy silhouette of the 60s vintage racing cars. But what is truly its high-octane appeal is the mechanism that lies underneath the watch cover – a re-engineered case construction that mimics the technical construction of the car bonnet, which gives the wearer an intimate engagement as he flips it up to reveal the engine block.

Powered by a rare vintage calibre from the 1960s, the manual-winding movement faithfully mirrors the gearbox system of the yesteryears automotive technology. The dials of the Twin Turbo take their design cues from vintage speedometers on the dashboard, which offers the wearer two time-zone readings at a glance. The Twin Turbo is available in the following executions: Yellow, Anthracite and Silver. Each is a limited edition of 88 pieces. Azimuth has also created a boutique edition in Sporty Red, known as The TT PORTFOLIO, executed in only 50 pieces.


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