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With his eyes lit up, he swings his bright lantern and walks a few steps. Then, he shoots a slicing laser from his eyes and blows talc smoke! Witness the comeback of Mr. Roboto Bronzo, the trusty twin brother of Mr. Roboto R1, inspired by the tin toy named “Lantern Robot” of the 1950s,


Descending from a family of warriors of the Planet Fuku, Mr. Roboto Bronzo is equipped with an armor-shield body that is bullet proof, cosmic proof and most importantly, highly pleasing to the ladies’ eyes. Even sexier than ever, he is now decorated with intricate motifs that are individually hand-engraved by our master craftsman, each piece being unique and exudes an individual personality reflective of the wearer. Every piece of the Mr. Roboto Bronzo Artist Series is a unique creation which requires the master engraver a minimum of 3 months of intensive concentration to design and carve out the intricate details on Mr. Roboto’s body. Like the work of a tattoo master, he patiently breathes life into the motifs, and the result is a unique work of art which give Mr. Roboto Bronzo his unique character and idiosyncrasies. The robust case is CNC from a block of German bronze and polished to a warm touch of satin-finished on the tonneau-shaped body.


“For the first time in Azimuth creation, we are celebrating the Artist Series with the launch of a collection of Mr. Roboto with Bitcoin motifs and crypto ideas depicting “To the Moon!”, “Bull Run!”, “electronic payment systems” etc. We are sure our crypto manias can instantly relate to these!”, exclaimed Christopher Long, co-founder of Azimuth.


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