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The worlds of science fiction universe and avant-garde horologists Azimuth are intimately connected. From its inception, Azimuth has been venturing beyond the outer limits of horology, inspired by the imagination of sci-fi writers and scientists who dared dream the impossible, and by doing so, turn these dreams into reality. And just as the notions of space travel, cyber-robotics and inter-planetary exploration are currently woven into the fabric of everyday life, the idea of centuries-old horological traditions being progressive and disruptive is now embraced by legions of watch lovers all over the world.


The 2019 Predator 2.0 is the result of the long-running love affair between Azimuth and the world of science fiction – an obsession that has birthed some of the watch marque’s most iconic collections such as Mr. Roboto, Spaceship, and Twin Turbo.


Marrying state-of-the-art case construction, unique material treatment and contemporary design, the Predator 2.0 is a direct descendant of Azimuth’s popular Spaceship collection, known for its spacecraft-inspired aesthetics, as well as ingenious jumping hour display complemented by a highly stylised, broad minute hand.


Expressing Azimuth’s uncompromising spirit of invention, the Predator 2.0 spaceship cockpit-inspired look is anchored by a two-part case. It comprises an inner capsule and an outer chassis with lugs. Currently available in full titanium, and stainless steel, the modular case construction offers endless possibilities for new designs with the opportunity to experiment with different combinations of materials, finishing and surface treatments.


The design of the Predator 2.0 evokes a time and place that is of the future. The oversized crown at 12 o’clock, instead of the typical position at three o’clock; the subtly faceted surfaces on the case; the domed sapphire crystal cover; and newly redesigned massive titanium hands shaped like intergalactic weapons all combine to lend the watch an otherworldly, sci-fi-inspired disposition.

The Predator 2.0 futuristic spirit extends to its inner workings. Powered by a hand-wound calibre, the watch’s bridges are crafted in aluminum, which accords the movement an incredible lightness that its creators allude to the weightlessness that astronauts experience in space. To enhance the effect, the bridges are anodized, with endless permutation of colors such as electric blue, crimson orange, red, black or gold, endowing the Predator 2.0’s engine with an aggressive and ultra-modern look.


“The Predator 2.0 is yet another expression of our desire to always be bold and adventurous in the field of mechanical watchmaking. The watch’s inspiration, design and technical qualities are driven by our never-ending quest in the field of progressive horology,” say Azimuth’s CEO and Technical Director, Giuseppe Picchi.


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