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Embodying the bravest, the independent and thrill-seeking nature of Azimuth, The Predator is a force to be reckoned throughout all planets.

Born into a family that celebrates a tradition of hunting rare terrestrial matter, The Predator prowls the depths of black holes and dangerous vacuums. It jumps into worm holes without hesitation, and never stops searching for the rarest, most precious materials in space.

The Predator of the extra-terrestrial world blends futuristic complications onto a fully functional timepiece. The hour hand moves like a majestic spacecraft orbiting about a mechanical space station, while a specially selected domed sapphire crystal highlights the intricacy of the inner mechanisms through the exposed skeletonised movement. The newly redesigned massive titanium hands shaped like intergalactic weapons all combine with The Predator’s engine to lend the watch an otherworldly disposition.

Marrying state-of-the-art case construction, unique material treatment and contemporary design, The Predator 2.0 is a direct descendant of Azimuth’s signature Spaceship collection, known for its spacecraft-inspired aesthetics, as well as ingenious jumping hour display complemented by a highly stylised, broad minute hand. The Predator comprises an inner capsule and an outer chassis with lugs, and is powered by a hand-wound caliber. The watch’s bridges are crafted in aluminum, which accords the movement an incredible lightness that is similar to the weightlessness that astronauts experience in space.


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