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While continue development has been a major goal for BEHRENS. Throughout the past years, apart from designing and developing our wristwatch collections, we have also been developing our own in-house movement as part of the brand’s strategy. After years of hard work and testing conducted, we are finally at a stage where we can announce our 1st ever in-house manual wind movement which will be featured in our latest completely new design B027 PERIGEE wristwatch later this year.

B027 “PERIGEE”, an all-new concept wristwatch featuring a ruby Chain driven hours’ display system. A domed globe to represent the day / night indication. A unique 2nd generation Moon Track system which orbits around the dial in Luna month basis. Also, a retro-grade minutes on the right.

The Rubies Chain System

What makes this ruby chain system so special is that each of the links of the chain will be installed with rubies at the linkage to minimize friction to gain overall efficiency and to avoid energy / power lost. The difficulties for making this chain mechanism are that it requires a very high precision for production of parts as well as installation skills, so that it can be operated properly under different environments (such as temperature difference).

In stock (can be backordered)

“PERIGEE” Manual Wind Wristwatch (Limited Edition 200pc) (Pre-Order)

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