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XIN Watches is organizing a public relations event inviting participants to design watches. "For the new generation"

If wristwatch design is what you're into and have the greatest passion for, don't miss it! A new important opportunity to reveal the potential of designing creative wristwatches by Thai people for the world to see with "Thai Microbrand Watch Design Contest 2", a wristwatch design competition project leading to the Microbrand business path, year 2, Office of the Creative Economy. (Public Organization) or CEA together with Good Times Design Company organized the project “Thai Microbrand Watch Design Contest 2” to find design students and people who are passionate about designing patterns on wristwatch dials (Graphic Design) and designing wristwatch cases. (Product Design) that has a lot of ability and creative design power. along with providing opportunities to develop skills in watch design and production by experts Including business knowledge about Microbrands that are trendy in Thailand To further develop a creative career in the future Those interested can submit their work to participate in the project from today - 1 March 2024. Announcement of the list of 20 selected works (divided into 10 Graphic Design and 10 Product Design) on that date. 15 March 2024 via www.facebook. com/tcdc.thailand The 20 selected people will participate in various project activities, both learning basic skills and techniques. Various things about watch design Work development The winning work for wristwatch dial design (Graphic Design) and the winning work for wristwatch case design (Product Design) will be produced and distributed on the network's channels. Good Times Design's network both domestically and internationally With revenue sharing from distribution (Revenue Sharing) Link to apply< span style="background-color: transparent;">...< /em>...< span style="background-color: transparent;"> Participate in free project activities. There is no charge. *For more information, please contact: Mr. Kevin, Tel. 098-789-6695 or 02-105-7425 #ThaiMicrobrandWatchDesignContest2_11100000-0000-0000-0000- 000000000111_#CreativeEconomyAgency  #CEA

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